10 Reasons to Stay in Water Villa in the Maldives

Best Luxury Water Villa Resorts in the Maldives

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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

Updated December, 2023

The first things that come into the mind when you think of the Maldives luxury holiday are surely crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and iconic water villas! Set on stilts above the turquoise waters the water villas are the epitome of Maldives’ luxury accommodation, and what postcards are made of. Elegantly designed for honeymooners, families, groups of friends all others who wish to live like royalty, they are the ultimate romantic hideaway and excellent option to create memories.

Whether you seeking a romantic escape in an idyllic setting of elegance and luxury, waking up to the lapping of the waves, the stunning views from your very own infinity pool, a direct access to the magnificent lagoon from the sundeck to admire the majestic beauty of underwater wonders, water villa is a truly charming retreat for a one-of-a-kind Maldives experience. Be shure, these villas ensure a space filled with privacy and tranquillity, where time slows down and souls truly connect.

If You want to feel the true magic of the Maldives learn more why the water villa is your next ‘perfect honeymoon’ idea.

1 Unique Location

Underwater Dining

There are a few destination for the most dazzling turquoise waters in the world, but it’s hard to beat the natural splendor of the Maldives. Spread out on small private islands among the 1,200 clustered in 22 atolls from north to south in this island nation, the resorts in the Maldives also promise total relaxation.

And what they offer goes beyond traditional luxury holiday. Despite the tiny size of the island resorts, they are never feel overcrowded and you will be able to enjoy the lush vegetation and the white sandy beaches without being disturbed. The michelin star restaurants are well designed to offer space and privacy to every guests not to mention gourmet food. The world class accommodation is known for their international sophistication and haute decor in villas on the beach or, more likely, installed on stilts over the water. The main attraction, however, a richly colored marine life for divers and snorkelers to explore.

Staying side by side with the equator blesses the islands with gorgeous, sunny weather with average temperatures that hover between a cosy 25 – 31°C and lukewarm waters of 28°C that are perfect for fun in throughout the year. Regardless of weather conditions, guests can expect an exceptional service and fulfilling stay at one of the finest, all-encompassing getaways in the world.

2 The Ultimate Luxury Escape

Underwater Dining

The Maldives is all about luxury and hedonistic pampering with Instagram-worthy Indian ocean views. Hypnotic blue sea vistas set a tone of water villa luxurious seclusion with direct access to the lagoon below. Days here are epitomised by a dip in the ethereal infinity private pools, snorkelling for spotting marine life, relaxation and sunset drinks. The most of these five-star cocoons are an adults-only nirvana.

In the most fantastic locations, walking distance to the island these exclusive water bungalows offer an unforgettable experience and luxury holiday like no other. Experience all-inclusive, limitless daily dining, floating Champagne breakfast, snacks, afternoon tea and 24-hour room service, activities and entertainment, and so much more. The personal butler (Thakuru) will help make sure your needs are looked after during your stay. A perfect mix of comfort and services allow guests to enjoy their stay in the water villa without leaving their room, and to set the course for yet another blissful day in this heavenly retreat. Read More

3 Privacy

Underwater Dining

Most often water villas in Maldives feature absolute exclusivity to relax in complete privacy and luxury. Clearly the ocean can't be private, but most of the day you will not spot many people in the sea by your water villa. The majority of water villas on resort islands are quite closely adjacent to each other whilst others are only semi detached, and they are all equipped with screening. Therefore it is also worth attentive to the villa's location.

There are special categories of villas, that stand apart from other rooms in the lagoon and have no walkways. Sleek and elegant, this over-water accommodation guarantee full privacy bringing opulent design to the striking natural beauty that Maldives is known for. The only con is that to get there and back you need call the boat service. Bу shure, these overwater residences are packed with everything the guests need to stay in villa 24h and of course they are not for the budget. Read More

4 Stunning Views

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

Maldives from above is pearl necklaces of atolls across ocean turquoise pervading deep blue. Serene waters is crystal clear. The blue lagoon glistens, shimmers. Beckons with its cooling embrace.

From your water villa's private deck, panoramas of the Indian Ocean expand in all directions. Imagine looking for miles and seeing nothing but endless blue. With a luxury holiday in the Maldives, you don’t have to as each seductive moment washes over you. Stay where time stands still. Where tranquillity awaits. Immerse yourself in all shades of blue.

5 Seclusion

Piano Deck at Baros Maldives

There are few places around the world where you can stay in an overwater villa and the Maldives is the best destination to go. Without a mainland, the islands country enjoy of absolutely seclusion. Who can resist the allure of a water villa? From your own private secluded haven, compose yourself and realise just how lucky you are enjoying the sun and the sea, hiding from the rest of the world.

Settled over the turquoise lagoon of the private island, the Water Villa is perfect for total seclusion. Featuring a spacious and bright ambience, the Water Villa is composed by a wide bedroom with king-sized bed a spacious living area, and bathroom with a breathtaking view, completely surrounded by the stunning shades of blue. Everything about it spells romantic, off-the-grid seclusion, from the thatched roofs and wraparound terraces to outdoor showers and spellbinding views of the crystal clear waters. You can relax anytime, anywhere. Read More

6 Favorite with Celebs

Piano Deck at Baros Maldives

Famous for their picture-perfect beaches, crystal-clear waters and of course the most luxurious resorts in the world the Maldives has been celebrity favorite for a very long time now. This place is on a must-visit list of almost all kinds of super-stars and A-listers. The beauty of this place is surreal and leave everyone bewitched. From Hollywood celebrities to world famous athletes to the Bollywood stars, all head to the Maldives, for a romantic or family vacation. And given their passion for privacy in a luxurious setting, it's not hard to see why most of them prefer water villas for the highest-level experience in terms of seclusion, comfort, spaciousness and view. Read More

7 Direct Access to Aqua Adventures

Dream Island Experience at Hurawalhi Island Resort

With one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet, the Maldives reefs is home to an abundance of sea life. Manta rays, sharks, turtles, and over 2,000 species of fish are ready to welcome you in an underwater world. If You stay in a water villa - house reef snorkling is a short swim away from the spacious sundeck. All you need is a mask, snorkel and fins and a passion for aquatic adventure. Don't forget to bring your underwater camera to capture the most exciting sea creatures.

House reef snorkelling is a great bonus to your Maldives experience. All luxury resorts offer snorkeling, but these resorts with the best house reef for snorkelling let you discover a different world; a treasure trove of natural wonders. We checked them for you, see our list best House Reefs in Maldives and start planning your snorkeling holiday for 2021. Read More

8 Fun for Family Getaways

Dream Island Experience at Hurawalhi Island Resort

With its unbelievably white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters the Maldives, once considered a dream honeymoon destination, is now a haven for family-friendly holiday. The luxury Maldives resorts take ‘ocean view’ to another level, pleasing their smallest guests with endless adventure and indulgence. The atmosphere, kids' clubs, stunning family villas, endless activities and outstanding fun, is all really makes family holidays work.

If you’ve added “stay in over-water villa” to your travel bucket list , but you still don’t want to leave the childrens at home - don’t panic: there are over-water family accommodation options out there! Although many luxury resorts do not recommend (it means that not prohibited) staying in water villas with small children for safety reasons сhildren under 12 require written parental consent to stay in a water villa. Read More

9 The Most Romantic Vacation

Dream Island Experience at Hurawalhi Island Resort

Traveling to the Maldives with your loved one is the best way to take a break from your everyday life, and rediscover your passion. This incredible destination is perfect for Valentine’s break, for the honeymoon of your dreams, or simply to spend some days with the love of your life. The Water Villas in Maldives have the panoramic views, the seclusion and the direct access to water that make them a seductive choice for couples.

The vast Indian Ocean expands before a water villa. A sundeck has an unrivalled view. Wake up on a king bed facing the ocean, peer through the glass floor to myriad tropical fish, vibrant splashes, colour untold, or take a closer look plunge into the sea right from your deck. An oversized private pool, a bottle of bubbles, glasses clinking into the night. Be amazed by romance in the stunning Maldives. Read More

10 An Amazing Sunsets

Dream Island Experience at Hurawalhi Island Resort

There's something magical about a beautiful sunset over the ocean that makes the travel experience complete, the perfect end to a perfect day in tropical paradise. Many people believe that a sunset can boost well-being, increase generosity and enhance life satisfaction.

Each island resort in the Maldives has lots of sunset-seeking spots including a beach bars but what could be more romantic than watching the play of colors in the sky from your over-water villa's private pool. We have gladly selected the most amazing Water Pool Villas in the Maldives in particular those that boast dramatic skies with vibrant colors. Read More

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