Meeru Island Resort & Spa

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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

Updated January, 2024

Every year, Meeru Island Resort is possible satisfies more people than any other luxury hotel. It is one of the largest in the Maldives, it is always full and after people have visited here, very often they come back again and again.

Prestigious Meeru is not only the third, oldest property in the Maldives, it is also the third largest resort, with 284 rooms and dedicated fans, including regular customers (many Germans). The island is attractive for all ages: families have their own corner of the island, and couples have their own, hence there are two separate swimming pools, two buffet restaurants, and 2 spas. Most of the guests sit on all inclusive, so bars are always alive - especially 24-hour. During the day, there is plenty to do and see, including a diving school with PADI multi-language courses, a range of water sports, excursions, and even a golf course. House reef snorkeling requires a boat trip, although many are happy to sunbathe on the beautiful beaches.

The luxury accommodation is equipped with vaulted wooden roofs, wooden panels, and double beds (many romantic beds have canopies with mosquito netting); some of them are above water, some on the beach, and some offer jacuzzis in the bathrooms under the open sky. Service is a little rusty, but the value for money is simply magnificent.

Holiday in Meeru can be formulated with one phrase: "affordable dreams". A large, happy resort has many ways to fulfill hundreds of different needs and expectations. From fully active couples to seekers of private life, and from those inclined to revel occasionally to real cheapskate, Meeru, as a magician, satisfies the whims of every guest.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa

The Island

Meeru Island Resort & Spa Much is real treasure of authentic and proud practice of Maldivian heritage. By preserving the unspoiled natural resources of the Maldives Islands, Meeru continuously helps create an unforgettable holiday experience.

The island is divided into several different areas, mainly one part for adults only, and one zone for families. You can get around the island either by foot or by golf carts plying past. Rains created potholes along these interior ways, so traveling on a bumpy road is certainly not for everyone. Staff, as usual in the Maldives ... lives in the center of the island, and these facilities are often in the most prominent place during the journey from one area to another. Meanwhile, the more attractive outer edges of the island are entwined with paths ideal for walks along the beaches, especially with couples, where romantic strolls along the shore are common.

There are 3 separate zones with different atmospheres. Each revolves around the pool, bar, lounge and food. The original corner is on the west side, facing west, about in the middle of the island. On the opposite side, facing the deep blue waters of the east is the elegant Pavilion bar, and the pool with Hot Rock restaurant on its edge. Then, at the northern end, there is a Maalan restaurant with a Uthuru bar and a swimming pool. Surrounded by the most upscale villas, the last, most private area has the most exquisite appearance and surrounding. DOWNLOAD RESORT MAP

As 'resort in a resort' place at Meeru, the northern part of the Island is adults only area for guests staying at Jacuzzi Water Villas and Water Front Villas. These couples only villas offers an iconic private intimate escape amidst the Indian Ocean. For adults only (18 years above) and guests staying at the northern end of the island Maalan restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in an authentic Maldivian atmosphere with thatched roofs, sand floors and open spaces. Uthuru bar is an adult only escape to submerge into the Maldivian sunsets or simply relax and enjoy some pre or post dinner beverages.

Meeru invariably attracts Europeans, but the interest of the Asian market is also growing, with the Chinese cguests, as a rule preferring water villas. This change in demographic indicators causes a small clash of cultures and is not appreciated by some regular guests from Europe of more traditional thinking. The island is big enough for everyone to have enough space for solitude and the only real place that brings together is the bufet restaurants. After dinner, Europeans tend to flock to the bars, while Asians tend to creep into their numbers. Service is decent and management appears only to meet a frequent guests upon arrival and reward an exclusive invitation to a weekly "manager's party", where newcomers are usually not called.

The staff are very well cared for, and the result is a friendly and responsive service that guests often comment on in their reviews. Friendship is valued and cemented, returning to the island year after year.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa


Meeru Island Resort & Spa is located on a private island of Meerufenfush in North Male Atoll (Kaafu atoll), in its eastern corner. After receiving the baggage in Velanа (Male) international airport, newcomers should contact the Meeru representative at the eponymous counter and present their voucher. Most often, guests have to wait for the arrival of all the other guests from the list, since Meeru is a big island and the waiting may be longer than for boutique hotels with only a few dozen rooms. For the transfer there are some different types of boats - some are slower, and some are faster, but the trip usually takes less than an hour. During the trip, bottled drinking water will be offered.

Upon arrival, guests are seated in the modern lounge and a welcome drink is provided while check-in is in progress, and it's also a good time to make changes to your booking, meals are full-board packages, all-inclusive and all inclusive plus. Next, guests and their luggage are transported by golf cart to the rooms.

The island is 1200 meters long by 350 meters wide, about 32 hectares (80 acres). A beautiful, turquoise lagoon and long stretches of white, sandy beach surround Meeru Island Resort & Spa. Much of this stunning Maldives Island Resort remains untouched with its fringing coconut palm trees, abundant vegetation and colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life.


The island has 284 rooms divided between couples and families. The interior is authentic with wooden walls and / or ceiling, wooden furniture and colorful fabrics. All rooms are equipped with bathrobes, coffee / tea, complimentary bottled water, and a stocked minibar with snacks and drinks, including soda, beer, wine and liqueurs. The superior categories of rooms have a Nespresso coffee machine, and outdoor bathrooms in many villas equipped with a private Jacuzzi.

The newly introduced IPTV, which is available in all room categories, features a wide range of international TV channels, YouTube, an extensive collection of complimentary movies on demand and allowing you to access your own Netflix account. The resort's new system will allow you to enjoy premium content from the comfort as your home away from home.

Room categories are simple: Beach, Jacuzzi Beach, Water, Jacuzzi Water and Honeymoon. Standard accomodation - Beach Villas and Water Villas are lined up along the east and west shores, facing the ocean.

Jacuzzi Beach Villas are lined along the entire west side. Jacuzzi Water Villas with 2 jetties are on the northern tip and others stretch from the island's mid-point to the east. These accommodation options will give you sunset views, or take the south side where the sun is all day. The top class rooms themselves are undoubtedly luxurious.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa: beach villas

Newly renovated accommodation, Gardens rooms are the lowest category of staying with an internal bathroom and tiled floors and the rooms are huddled in a "U" -shaped block near Dhoni bar. Although not on the beach, all have shaded area beneath the coconut palms with a view of the tropical gardens, wooden deck chairs and the rooms are separated from each other by screens for some privacy.

Beach Villas are bungalows scattered along the beach overlooking a beautiful lagoon. Each room has a four-poster bed and an outdoor bathroom (some with a hydromassage bath). A small terrace opens to two sun loungers on the beach (some need changing) and an umbrella shade.

Water Front Villas are similar, but they are closer to the beach than Beach Villas (it's not over water, as one might guess from the name). These rooms with a bedroom including a extra large king size bed, a private, walled-in outdoor area featuring a Jacuzzi for two “under the stars”, a wooden sundeck with chaise lounges, a shade umbrella, tropical plants, a private sundeck with stairs into the sea and a spectacular view of the lagoon.

Jacuzzi Water Villas

Jacuzzi Water Villas are located along one of the two jetties and have a more spacious bedroom, an espresso machine, a huge wardrobe, a spacious indoor / outdoor bathroom. There is a private sun deck overlooking the ocean, and a separate fenced corner in the rear with a hydromassage bath.

Two separate Honeymoon Suites are located over the water in the lagoon (without jetty) in a short boat trip from the beach. This apartment has a separate bedroom and a living / dining area, as well as a private pool. As a bonus, expect a bottle of champagne on arrival. VIP-persons in any category of rooms are also brought with a bottle of champagne..

An alternative to other accommodation categories on this large and diverse island is recommended where changing rooms or places can give a different holiday experience. Guests can retire in a quiet corner or take a villa next to the pool, near the bars, or the diving center. The bonus at the resort is full - it's frequent offers for free 2 nights on safariboat. Many guests love this option and on returning they are more likely to get an update, not their old room.

Restaurants and Bars

Of all the latest improvements, one of the largest and most obvious is the food. What used to be the usual dining room with long tables today is an unusually delicious cuisine for a resort of this level. Presentations, variety and quality will not disappoint anyone.

In addition to two reception rooms for guests, the island also has two main buffet restaurants that have similar menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Maalan restaurant is designed for "adult only zone", while Farivalhu is the place to eat for everyone else. Buffet dining is included in a full board and all inclusive meal plans. The buffet lines change daily and include live cooking stations where some food is prepared to order. On Friday night there is the "Maldives Night" with a themed menu and waiters in traditional clothes. On Sundays for breakfast, expect sparkling wine, otherwise the taste of alcohol (quality and choice) you can find out depending on your package.

Other restaurants to choose from for an additional fee: Hot Rock, with BBQ and seafood cooked on hot stones, and Asian Wok is a romantic restaurant on the southern tip of the island with intimate lighting and well-spaced tables with magnificent sea views. The latter has Teppanyaki hot plates cuisine, a good wine list and an advance booking is required for both restaurants. You can expect delicious dining at great value. We encourage you to have at least one memorable meal at Asian Wok Restaurant during your holiday in Meeru.

In 2019 Meeru island Resort & Spa has introduced a new menu at its Asian Wok Restaurant. The kitchen team has collaborated to present an exciting new menu at the popular overwater restaurant. The new menu includes amazing seafood and curry dishes that are bound to please.The Teppanyaki table at the Asian Wok Restaurant seats eight guests and overlooks Meeru’s lagoon for an exciting and unforgettable experience of Japanese cuisine in the Maldives. Your choice of dishes can be selected from the restaurant’s a la carte menu to be prepared fresh, in a theatrical display and to be served right from the teppan hot plate. “Sake”, a Japanese rice wine is a new addition which contribute a new flavour to the wide array of drinks already available — another must-try during your holiday at Meeru.

A-Mare serves delicious Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist, as well as specialty pizzas, snacks, and other dishes prepared fresh daily. The menu features classic Italian recipes passed down through generations and moderninterpretations of traditional favorites.

For a more casual meal in a laid-back setting, Meeru Cafe is next to the pool and on the menu you will find sandwiches, pastries, ice cream, coffee desserts and tea. Snacks can be found around both pools.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa

While many nearby resorts sleep at night, Meeru offers a slightly different nightlife, mainly because of the island's size and the number of bars. There is a 24-hour bar in which throughout the day, it seems there are always regular customers, as well as two chill out spots on "for adults only" side. In particular, the cocktail bar next to Maalan buffet restaurant in the evening is lit with candles for a more romantic atmosphere. This is also the hot spot where the "weekly manager" party is held, but only VIPs are invited (usually returning guests)

Meeru Island Resort & Spa


As a top rated Maldives' family resort, Meeru not only offers a family plan for an affordable holiday, but also fun facilities for children and teens. Families with children are offered to settle around the authentic center, where they will have The Komas Kid’s Club, Dhoni bar and a swimming pool (with children's pool and daily water polo), Kakuni bar, café and the main Farivalhu buffet restaurant capable of satisfying the tastes and appetites of many families. Near Farivalhu is a Children’s Game room that is fully equipped with fun games and activities for teenagers. From a dart board to teen-sized snooker tables to keep kids entertained. This area that remains alive during the day and night. Couples or groups that prefer an adult area sometimes come here in the evenings for fun and an atmosphere.

In addition to the beautiful white sand beaches and tranquil waters that surround this large island (excellent for those who like long walks and swimming), there are two freshwater pools: one large but quiet pool for adults overlooking the Honeymoon Suites on the horizon, and one large family pool with a more lively atmosphere that is on the west side near the arrival jetty (also there is a children's pool).

Sport & Activities

The water sports center is very active, flexible and full equipped with new facilities (including kite surfing and surfing), the resort also has many sport offerings, plus a good choice of adventures. Safaris with dolphins, snorkeling and fishing, diving and an islands hopping are just some of the day trips. But in general, the resort can be called calm and private. Most nights in Lagoon Bar take place some nightlife. There is a children's club and babysitting, but kids are not allowed to stay in Water Villas, and in truth it's not a family friendly resort.

The lagoon is good for water sports, being large, fairly shallow and with a sandy bottom. At low tide the water is knee-deep, but there are large canals dug, that remain good for swimming. Snorkeling is on both sides of the main jetty for a total of about 500 meters. The house reef can not boast of coral gardens, but a fish life is beautiful. There are sharks, rays and turtles. In the resort's menu activities there is also a weekly snorkeling safari for 3 excellent reefs of South Male Atoll. For those who do not like swimming with a mask and snorkel, a daily fish feeding provides ample chance for a close acquaintance with marine life. Room service is available 24 hours.

Olhuveli has a decent Sun Spa with eight treatment rooms in the open air. Built almost entirely above the water, all the buildings of the spa are connected to each other by wooden footbridges. The spa is built in Chinese style, but the masseuses are from Indonesia, Thailand and India. The spa offers everything from massages for two to facials, and includes a beauty salon, a sauna, a steam bath and hydromassage pools. Ayurvedic techniques while encompassing the five elements. The prices are approximately average for the Maldives.Maldives.


In our opinion: Good value for money and a wide choice of accommodation and activities make this resort an excellent choice for couples and families alike in the Maldives.

...“The nature preserved yet so comfortable !!”, Exceptional, Superb, “good more then i think”, “I cannot describe how good was it. It's really really a dream to be there.”, “A little bit of heaben”, “My first Maldives Experience”...

Pros: Why Stay Here

  • Close to Male airport
  • A great value for many
  • The All Inclusive package
  • Staff is professional, friendly and helpfull
  • Beautiful, spacious and clean villas. Cleaning was twice on the day 10/10
  • Delicious and varied food, good breakfasts, and an outstanding desserts.
  • Beautiful white sandy beaches and two fresh water swimming pools, including a children's pool
  • Family and children activities
  • For each villa its own beach area with sun loungers
  • A lot of bars and activities to entertain your stay, than in other neighboring resorts
  • Good nightlife and entertainment
Meeru Island Resort & Spa

What You Need to Know

  • BOOK DIRECT to enjoy the best value at Meeru Island Resort & Spa
  • Download the resort's Health & Safety Guidelines
  • Meeru is located on a private island in North Male (Kaafu) atoll and is 50 minutes by speedboat from Velana (Male) International Airport. Standard Transfer Times: Last Boat from Male is at 21:00 hours
  • Check-in 2:00 PM - 12:00 AM; Check-out till 12:00 hours
  • Children of any age are welcome. Children aged 15 years and above are considered adults at this property;
  • CHILD POLICY: Children under 2 years will eat for free based on the rules and meal-plan accompanied by an adult, excluding alcoholic beverages. Maximum 2 free kids per unit paid for Garden and Beach Villa only. Mandatory green tax of USD 6 per child per night will be charged. Children are not allowed in Maalan Restaurant.
  • The resort was known for cases of rooms re-booking, and guests may be asked to go to other types of accommodation.
  • The Jacuzzi Over Water Village are awesome Highly recommend
  • Guests with full board plan must pay extra for playing tennis and visiting the fitness center
  • Here and there some signs of wear and tear. Old facilities in need of update
  • Free Wi-Fi is spotted
  • Drinking water at $ 5, even in the rooms of paid water 3,5 and 4,5 $.
  • A nice place for couples, specially for those celebrating honeymoon or any special event
  • Recently (November 2019) Meeru Island Resort & Spa has enhanced and improved its dining scene. In the resort’s buffet restaurants, Farivalhu and Maalan, a more sumptuous live salad station awaits guests, offering a variety of traditional and exotic flavours to explore. Meeru has also introduced ‘Wine by the Glass’ at Uthuru Bar, where a glass of wine or champagne is paired with tapas consisting of cheese and olives. This is the perfect way to enjoy the breeze on the Uthuru bar deck. The resort has also introduced a ‘Wine Trail’ where guests are taken on a journey around the island, introducing them to the different bars whilst indulging their palate with flavours of some distinct wines and accompanying hors-d’oeuvres. Meeru has also enhanced its beverage concept for its a la carte restaurant, Asian Wok, by adding more varieties from South East Asia such as wines, beer and spirits.
  • With the newly-introduced Oaky platform, you can pre-book gifts and experiences ahead of your visit conveniently.
    Meals served in the Farivalhu Restaurant for guests staying at the southern end of the island and in the Maalan Restaurant for guests staying at the northern end of the island;
    - 24-hour snack menu served ‘all day and night’ in the Dhoni Bar; from 10h00 – 22h00 in the Hot Rock Bar and from 10h00 – 22h00 in the Uthuru Bar
    - Unlimited ‘all you can eat’ special snack menu, including pizzas, burgers and ice-cream from 10h00 – 19h00, served in Dhoni Bar, Hot Rock Bar and Uthuru Bar
    - One 1/2 bottle of champagne, per room, per length of stay
    - One sunset cruise, as per schedule
    - One Dhiffushi excursion, as per schedule
    - Twice daily free snorkeling trip to the resort house reef, as per schedule
    - One 1/2 hour group snorkeling lesson (equipment not included) as per schedule
    - One 1/2 hour group windsurfing lesson (equipment included) as per schedule
    - One 1/2 hour group golf driving range lesson (equipment included) as per schedule
    - Free use of the 9 hole Pitch’n Putt Golf Course, kayaks and windsurfing boards (equipment included)
    - Free yoga session in Duniye Spa group sessions
  • HONEYMOON BENEFITS: Complimentary sparkling wine, flower decoration and fruit platter once per stay on arrival

Check Availability and Prices in Meeru Island Resort & Spa

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