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The origin of the Maldivian culture is hidden in secret and Maldives' vivid heritage traces its roots to the colorful traditions of various peoples. The Maldives culture was formed thanks to many sources the most important of that is the proximity of the islands to Sri Lanka and South India. From an anthropological point of view, the population of the Maldives is mainly represented by representatives of the Indo-Aryan race.

The language of the inhabitants of the Maldives has its origin from the Indo-Iranian, Sanskrit language group, which indicates a later influence on the Maldives of the northern subcontinent. Dhivehi is closely connected with Singhala. Written language - since the XVII century is based on the Arab-Persian graphics. The educated part of the population speaks Arabic and English, and the diverse and colorful, the culture of the Maldives should charm you with a pleasant colored fog of different national traditions.


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