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Maldives is an island country that is known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. A multiple of festivals and events are held in the Maldives throughout the year which are clear examples of cultural tradition and heritage. Dates of these Muslim festivals vary from year to year as they depend on various phases of the moon.

Festivals of the Maldives are extremely colorful and filled with fun, excitement and pleasure. People unite to have a good time and enjoy with friends and relatives delicious food, fun and general mood.

The inhabitants of the Maldives have great national pride, and throughout the festival, an atmosphere filled with family feeling is felt by both women and men, and children, especially with the preparation of festive dishes, the decoration of the house, and the preparation of recreational activities. Most of the celebrations are a mixture of traditions and modern entertainment. Folk dances and music are performed to the accompaniment of traditional instruments, which can then be accompanied by modern jazz or pop music.


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