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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

Updated January, 2024

Fulhadhoo is one of the local islands of Baa atoll in the Maldives. Together with two other local islands: Goidhoo and Fehendhoo, as well as several uninhabited islets, Fulhadhoo form the Goidhoo atoll. Famous for its crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches, good snorkeling, comfortable budget accommodation and warm hospitality of local residents, Fulhadhoo is an excellent option for an inexpensive holiday, in 2 hours by speedboat from Malé International Airport (VIA).

Despite the fact that Fulhadhoo falls within the administrative territory of Baa Atoll, geographically it is located much further from most of the other inhabited islands and away from the busy tourist areas. Expect the stunning beauty of the Indian ocean, and the abundance of colorful fish on the house reef, including dolphins, sharks and turtles.

In general, if a serene and quiet vacation is what you need - a clean white sands without crowds, turquoise water, beautiful marine life and healthy corals - Fulhadhoo Island is a place to go. In addition, you will not overpay for this island paradise.


How to Get: Transfers

Fulhadhoo is 120 km from Malé International Airport (VIA), and 40 km from the domestic airport on the island of Dharavandhoo (DRV). Get to Fehendhoo is best by public speedboat Male-Goidhoo. Upon arrival at Malé airport, you will be met by staff and escorted to the speedboat. The journey time is 1.45 - 2 hours, depending on the weather. After reaching Goidhoo, passengers are taken to Fehendhoo by a small boat, which takes about 5-10 minutes. The transfer price is 45 USD per person one way. There is no ATM on Fulhadhoo, so please stock cash in Malé.

A public speedboat from Male is leaving Willingly ferry terminal at 9 am on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Back to Malé at 13:30, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you travel a large group, it's best way to book a private speed boat from Male airport. The rental price is $900-1000/boat

The second option (less budgetary) is by local airline from Malé airport to Dharavandoo airport. Flights are run daily, the journey time is 25 minutes, the ticket price is $ 95 one way. From Dharavandoo airport to Fulhadhoo by speedboat, the journey time is 40 minutes, cost for renting a boat is USD 150-200. We recommend booking airplane tickets through your guest house, not on the airline's website - it will be much cheaper!

Start from 2023 Maldivian, the national airline of the Maldives, initiated scheduled seaplane flights to Fulhadhoo, Baa Atoll. The airline will operate these flights on Sundays and Thursdays each week.

There is one more option. There is a supply ferry going from Male to Goidhoo once a week on Sunday night (from Sunday to Monday). Usually it departs in the midnight, the journey takes about 5 hours. It goes back from Goidhoo on Saturdays at 5 AM.

Schedule and tariffs we recommend check with the host before your arrival in the Maldives.

The Island

The Fulhadhoo island with Fehendhoo and Goidhu lies in Horsburgh (Goidhoo) Atoll taht is separated from Baa (South Maalhosmadulhu) atoll by a six-mile-broad (9.7 km) channel. This atoll is oval in shape and small, its greatest length being 10 miles (16 km). The inner lagoon has a depth of 17 to 20 fathoms; it has a sandy bottom mixed with mud and clay. Unlike the lagoons of most small atolls of the Maldives, this lagoon is free from coral heads in its centre.

Oriented strictly from west to east, the length of the island is 1.8 km and a width of 270 m, meaning that Fulhadhoo is blown by all the sea winds. Thanks to this, it is never too hot here, and there are almost no mosquitoes. In the eastern part of the island there is a local village of about 250 people, and the rest is a kind of untouched landscape with coconut palms, clean turquoise lagoons and white sandy beaches. A few words about the village; other residents seem to have now become accustomed to tourists and are engaged in their business with good nods and happy smiles, but no more.

Basically, local people live by fishing and household chores. Fulhadhoo is ideal for people who are looking for peaceful getaway and joy in nature. The island is also suitable for families with children, as one of its lagoons forms a tiny natural pool with shallow water, as warm as the Maldivian weather. The lush vegetation of the interior is complemented by the local fauna: there are 2 kinds of crabs: hermits and land; 2 species of lizards: gray with bright collar and geckos, lots of birds and large flying fox.

Also this is a great place for those who like snorkeling and freediving. A some uninhabited islets surrounding Fulhadhoo boast their sandbanks, which you can visit for swimming, subathing and relaxation away from the main island. There is a medical center, a mosque and two rural shops on Fulhadhoo, so stock up everything you need, including shampoos and sunscreen. Wi-Fi is quite weak in guest houses, so recommend to buy a sim-card with mobile internet in Malé airport.

The Beach

Features of Fulhadhoo holiday experience are deserted, sugar-white, wide sandy beaches. Holding the 22nd place in the list of the 50 best beaches in the world, it is difficult to say in words how marvelous the beaches of Fulhadhoo are. With unrealistically beautiful water, more beautiful than at the five-star resorts in which you may have been before. Of course, pictures can not convey beauty. You can stay there for a week and to be owner on the beaches, not sharing with anyone else. The island has one private bikini beach for relaxation and another beach is a great for snorkeling. The largest and most beautiful beach is in the southwestern part of Fulhadhoo, on foot approximately 15 minutes. It ends with a stunning sandy cay. There is almost no facilities on the beach. Several sunbeds with bamboo canopies. You can also hide from the sun in the shade of trees and high bushes. 3 Hearts and Vilu Beach guest houses have their own private beaches just around the corner from your room.

Around the island stretches a large house reef - you can snorkel endlessly. A mask, a tube and fins are provided in the guest house. Expect to see a lot of colorful fish and coral, as well as dolphins, rays, sharks and turtles. The island's northern coast is under strong currents, so do not forget about safety.


Things to Do

Fulhadhoo Island is an absolute fun, all excursions from snorkeling with turtles and Manta Rays to jet skis, evening beach barbecues, night fishing and even a day on a deserted island in true Robinson Crusoe style are all an unremarkable and affordable, with a team that does not hesitate to do more their duties. Excursions are just wonderful, especially hunting for an octopus and a trip to the glowing beaches! Every evening you can watch the stingrays procession at the pier.

There is a good house reef snorkeling, as well as snorkeling trips to other spots if you are not satisfied with the first one. Also you can enjoy diving, but the dive master is not always on the spot, so check out this activity in advance. The easiest way to dive is to join AQUA BLUE (PADI Dive Resort) on the nearby Fehendhoo Island, just 5 minutes by boat from Fulhadhoo.

Some will be lucky to be invited to one of the island's family, and acquaintance with the local culture is certainly one of the highlights of the trip, including participation in Maldivian weddings.

Prices for excursions: snorkeling $ 50, fishing $ 60-80, snorkeling with turtles or manta rays $ 60, romantic dinner $ 80


Dining options on the island only in guest houses and at reasonable prices, given the remote location, averages $ 16 to eat for two, and the food is always very fresh and delicious with a good variety, including appetizing seafood. Expect the dishes of Maldivian, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine. Portions are huge (the main food is rice, pasta, fish, spicy seasonings, salads, juice). You can organize a beach barbecue or a picnic on a desert island. Dinner is fantastic, the lunch is excellent and breakfast is ok. In general, dining has a good reviews, guests are very happy with the choice of food - fresh fish come to the table, and octopuses and lobsters, as well as dishes from rice and curry, pasta, vegetable soups and much more. Fish caught are cooked for guests for dinner in BBQ style. This is a jacks, red perch, tuna, or something of a good size.

The locals enjoy the dry law. There are two stores with a modest assortment.


Where to Stay

Three Hearts is an excellent choice for those who are looking for cheaper accommodation options, while at the same time not losing the quality of the beach and the wealth of the island's nature. This guest house offers simple, no-frills rooms, equipped with TVs and air conditioning. The hotel has warm water and free Wi-Fi. Rooms with a view of the courtyard have their own entrances. Each room has free toiletries and towels. The staff in the guest houses speaks fluent English and you will feel sincere care. They try their best to make you feel comfortable and happy. You really will be amazed by the level of authenticity, passion, kindness and service of personnel. In addition to this guesthouse, there are three other places to stay on Fulhadhoo, according to the guests reviews are not inferior to the first option. Everything is Home away from home, cordial and very cozy! You will get real pleasure from this holiday, and you will definitely want to come back there again!

A trip to Fulhadhoo is perfectly combined with the vacation on the islands of  Fehendhoo  and  Dharavadhoo.


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